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Interior Design in LA

Designers and TV hosts

Ruslan and Maria Green are well-known for hosting the TV program About Decor on TNT

Design projects are like love stories

Ruslan and Maria aspire to turn each project into a small masterpiece

Direct communication between clients and designers

Ruslan and Maria Green value their reputation and always communicate directly with their customers

Recognized by the interior design community

The Studio’s projects are featured in the media and win competitions very often

House interior design

The interior of each modern house or townhouse designed by Ruslan and Maria Green is always a unique and fascinating story. The most modern interior design ideas and clients’ interests and hobbies are always incorporated in each project.

Every house interior designed by Ruslan and Maria Green has its own character. In some houses, a feeling of breezy lightness arises from all items, be they a small coffee table or white lamp shade. Other houses embody rustic simplicity with a sturdier feel. And there is, of course, the value and charm added by attics, vaulted ceilings and beautiful furniture.

Advantages of our design studio

Stylish and exclusive interior design

Choosing Ruslan and Maria Green design studio, you are guaranteed a truly original interior design. We help each client choose the option that best suits their temperament, taste, lifestyle and other individual requirements. Our interior designs combine the professional skills of architects and designers trained by the best specialists in Europe.

A broad portfolio of design projects

Each client can look at our completed projects and check out for themselves how harmonious and functional our design solutions are in our section portfolio. This section presents photos and visualizations of house and apartment designs of different sizes, layouts and styles.

These various designs were completed in different cities in Russia, including Moscow.

How to create a professional design project?

To develop a harmonious yet functional apartment design, it is necessary to carefully consider the the technical part of the design project. When clients choose the style for their home, we are here to help them find the best option. Once the design is approved, we only need to bring it to life.

What guarantees are provided to our clients?

Every time we work on an original design, we strive to achieve something beautiful, so we can guarantee the quality of our work and the harmonious combination of the finishing details. We also guarantee that apartments are renovated in a professional manner and as quickly as possible.

We can also guarantee that you will get your ideal design solution as we work in close collaboration with each client and adjust the design project as per individual preferences.

Average interior design cost

Basic Interior Design Project
No Frills


USD/sq. ft
3 layout solutions
Interior Design Working Drawings
Main Room 3d Sketch
Specifications for Materials and Finishes
Complete Interior Design Project
All Inclusive

10,9 4,7

USD/sq. ft
3 layout solutions
Interior Design Working Drawings
Interior Color Scheme
Joined-up Decorative Elements
Main Room 3d Sketch
3D Sketches for Other Rooms
Specifications for Materials and Finishes
Specifications for Furniture and Lighting
Specificaions for Plumbing Fixtures

How much will your renovations cost?

Package Berlin
Minimalist style


Package London
Loft style


Package L.A.
Art deco style



How to order a design project?

Receive consultation by designer and make an order, calling by phone numbers:

+7 (926) 023-57-57

Ruslan and Maria Green Interior Design Studio +7 (926) 023-57-57 89260235757@mail.ru