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Prices of interior design and designer’s supervision

Prices of interior design and designer’s supervision

How much will your renovations cost?

Package Berlin
Minimalist style


Package London
Loft style


Package L.A.
Art deco style


Package Paris
Refind classical style


Package Rome
Classic palatial italian style



Your style is not among those we offer? Send us your requirements and we will give you a renovation cost preliminary estimate.

Prices are valid for single-story apartments. Deduct 10% for prices for public spaces and add 10% for houses.

Why are renovation costs not cheaper?

Many consider that renovation costs should amount to the cost of a sofa and a kitchen. Maybe, but only if the work is done by people who are not professionals! As experienced designers who have completed numerous interior design projects, we can estimate with confidence the real cost of renovation works.

  1. 30% of the cost is spent on rough works.
  2. 30% is spent on details that often go unnoticed (sockets, switches which quickly amount to a considerable sum). All these details should be beautiful and certainly not the cheapest. The total sum is usually surprisingly high.
  3. And also, renovation will be your “second job” for roughly 6 months. About 10 items need to be purchased every day and this can be done only after a thorough review of many more items involving going to numerous stores, visits to the site and a lot of effort.

In the end, we are sure that it would be very difficult to find professional renovation works for a smaller amount than we offer.

1. Full interior design project

1. Full interior design project

Negotiable fee

1.1. Interior planning
1.2. 3D visualization
1.3. Working drawings


2.1. Designer’s supervision

Negotiable fee

1. Interior design

We can draw an entire project for a small apartment in a week. Aside from designing, we also supervise the project. Timeliness is also dependent on clients, because we send our work for approval at every intermediate stage. Our work is divided into 3 stages. Designer supervision is optional and can be provided separately. The prices are negotiable depending on the complexity of the work.

1.1. Planning
1.2. Drafts
1.3. Working drawings


What is planning? It is a room without walls or with walls that can be knocked down or moved slightly. We come up with layout and furniture placement options as follows:

Many planning solutions can be proposed for one project. Once one option is selected, we work on it until it is ideal. Then, based on the approved planning, we set the emplacement for electrical sockets, make plans for walls, doors, plumbing, flooring, heating, switches, etc. The drawings prepared at this stage can be used by the builders for the preliminary work that they can do while we draw sketches and complete the project.

1.2. 3D design sketches

What are 3D design sketches? These sketches are realistic images of your rooms. This is the same room with the same furniture, but in different colors and styles. An endless number of options can be presented for each room with different colors and styles. The results of each previous stage can be slightly changed until a particular option is approved. Only then, we move on to the next stage.


1.3. Working drawings

What is a working drawing? This is the working documentation for builders or drawings with every specification necessary to transform a bare concrete box or old room into the pictures we have made. They make up an entire album. Here are some examples of drawings from an album.

Working drawings


2.1. Designer supervision

What is designer supervision? Colors, fabrics, furniture, accessories must be selected very carefully from various manufacturers, so that the delivered project correspond to the original idea. And just as during the construction process, it might be necessary to make some budget or time adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances. Constant project monitoring is therefore required to address these issues as they arise. This so-called designer supervision also allows getting good discounts on furniture and materials for our clients thanks to the special prices that the studio gets from its regular manufacturers.

How to order a design project?

Receive consultation by designer and make an order, calling by phone numbers:

(213) 269-9053

or completing feedback form:

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