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Ruslan Green

Ruslan Green
Designer, TV presenter Ruslan Green
Being an interior designer is not a profession, it is a calling because a designer’s main task is to skillfully and masterfully bring to life not only his/her own ideas, but also other people’s dreams. This is how we understand our work, which is an integral part of our life.

It is no secret that the interior design of an apartment reflects its owners’ lifestyle and temperament. It is therefore reasonable to assume that you can meet two very similar apartments as often as two absolutely identical people. In practice, we often see ready standard interior solutions, which do very little to enhance the space we live in. They confer no individuality and keep us stuck with stereotypes and perceptions of what comfort should be. The interior design of an apartment should inspire, appease and sooth and, at the same time, awaken the imagination unobtrusively and subtly. This is a tall order, which is all the more challenging that we are often unable to understand what we really want and what inspires us. And this is where professional interior designers come in, as they can offer modern ideas for individual planning and design drawing.

Novelty photo of 2015: beige living room

Beige living room

You won’t find two identical or similar apartments in the photo gallery of Ruslan and Maria Green. Our studio develops individual solutions for every apartment. Ruslan and Maria Green are not afraid to experiment and they are known to boldly mix different styles and historical eras in one room.

Picture: Novelty photo of 2015: Classic style kitchen

Classic style kitchen

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